Our mission is to help you create spectacular shopping experiences

Our Story

Imersian is a product that stemmed from a need to transform the way customers interact and shop online. ‘I spent countless hours sifting through catalogues & visited more than 15 stores, when I finally found the perfect lounge. It finally arrived after 4 weeks, only to find that it didn’t fit our living room – so I had to return it’ The frustrations related with home shopping are real, and a lack of buyer confidence is one of the biggest challenges in the online retail space. This also has a significant impact on our climate and carbon footprint, causing a large number of product being returned.

We want to change that.

By democratising 3D & AR and making these technologies more accessible, Imersian aims to improve buyer confidence, thereby reducing returns and giving you the ability to have a positive impact on our planet.

Given the slow adoption of AR & VR technologies, we are on a mission to close the gap between the physical and the virtual realms by providing exceptional services to augment your world.

Our Values

Every company is driven by a core set of values, and at Imersian we are driven by:


Collaboration is at the forefront with every client, and our services reflect our collaborative efforts.


We are constantly looking to innovate with immersive technologies and pushing boundaries to better serve our clients.

Positive Impact

We strive to have a positive impact on the world, and define our services and strategies to help us & our clients reduce our impact on the climate.


We love what we do, and our commitment and vision for an augmented world is what drives us to build an truly valueable product for our clients.