Plans and Pricing

Whether you are a creator, brand or a large enterprise, we provide a pricing model for all.

AI Model creation (NEW)

$5 per model / month



Accurate 3D models with clean geometry

for 300+ products, bulk pricing available

Automatic upload and sync (business and enterprise only)


Ideal for personal projects




Unlimited 3D/AR Views

Unlimited AR Space Designer (Multi-AR)

Limit of 100MB storage or 5 models (whichever comes first)


• Access to Imersian Editor

• 3D Annotations

• Customize Background Color

• On-the-fly Texture Editing

Not for Commercial Use


Ideal for small to medium business




Access to AI 3D model creation

Unlimited 3D/AR Views

Unlimited AR Space Designer (Multi-AR)

All Basic features, plus

• Internal team collaboration

• Sharing permissions & access controls for external orgs

• 3D/AR performance analytics

• Store Integrations (Shopify plugin, or custom)

• Priority Support


For larger enterprises and suppliers




Access to AI 3D model creation

Unlimited 3D/AR Views

Unlimited AR Space Designer

All Business features, plus

• Custom Domain

• Whitelabel 3D/AR Viewer

• 3D viewer UI Customisations

• Multi-Team Setup for centralised organisation-wide

• Dedicated Support + Personalised Onboarding

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AI 3D model creation?

Our cutting edge AI solution allows for rapid 3D model creation with just a few images of the product. It is fine tuned to provide high quality and accurate geometry unlike other Image-to-3D products saving on hours of model cleanup normally required. Checkout our dedicated blog post about 3D model creation.

How long does it take to create AI 3D models?

This is a hard one to answer without more information on how many products are required and the variants of each product. It could range anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 weeks depending on the number of products required! Please get in touch with us so we can give you an accurate timeline.

Can I use Imersian for free?

Imersian is always free for every individual for personal use. However, if you want to upload more than 5 models and want to gain access to business integrations, and AI model creation service, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

Is the pricing per user?

Imersian’s current prices are based on per account rather than per user. Except for Business and Enterprise plans, only one user can access the account. On Business plan, up to 5 users can access the account and Enterprise can have custom users.