Event : (Co)Design made easy with Augmented Reality

This immersive, educational workshop hosted at Melbourne Connect will allow participants to interact with various apartment components and furniture through Imersian’s augmented reality,

Step into Ignite Lab, a carbon-negative apartment model integrated with augmented reality, where a group of professionals in the design and property industry will engage with participants in a co-design workshop that contributes to a live research project.

When: Mon 9 – Thu 12 May | 10am – 5pm

Where: Melbourne Connect: The Superfloor700 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

Official event page: Melbourne Knowledge Week

Workshop Registration: Eventopia

These immersive, educational workshop experiences will bring the design to life at a 1:1 scale, allowing participants to interact with various apartment components and furniture through augmented reality, within a real life apartment build of the kitchen, living room and balcony spaces.

Participants will also learn about how industry seeks to improve our climate’s resilience through circular material economies, by showcasing a real life build of what a future carbon-negative apartment could look like.

This exhibition is a collaboration across multiple industry partners in the built form environment, engaging with the latest industry research and trends to improve apartment liveability for all demographics.

Participants can sign up to workshops where they get to:

  • Create their own co-design brief for the apartment living spaces, to communicate and take the lead on how an apartment could work for them
  • Collaborate in a traditional co-design process, where participants get to learn and try out design methods typically used by professionals
  • Engage with their design brief in the AR platform, bringing their design to life within the real life apartment space.
  • Learn about the circular economy of embodied energy in sustainable materials, through experiencing the design process in a real life build.

This workshop series and exhibition is presented by Ignite, a not-for-profit, multi-disciplinary group of practicing volunteers, who are passionate about advancing changes in the built environment industry. Their work seeks to explore the impact built environments can have on advancing our social, environmental and economic progress.

Event Partners

Ignite ABP

Melbourne Connect / The University of Melbourne

City of Melbourne

Egger Group


Alannah Higgins

Jans Garay