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Join our Founders at the Global XR Conference

Ven and Supun will be speaking at 2 sessions at the Global XR Conference this week! Join the events for a deep dive into Imersian!

Journey to augmenting your world

This talk will follow the journey of the founders at Imersian, Ven & Supun, the ups, downs and everything in between that’s involved in starting a AR business down under.

It will feature a lively discussion on the grit needed for startups , the opportunities and challenges for AR/VR/XR and the future of online retail and ecommerce using WebXR.

Watch Live on Youtube | Discord Link

Date / Time: 1st Dec 2021 19:00 UTC

Cost: Free

2. Mastering the Imersian Platform

This masterclass will introduce you to Imersian’s platform- a highly intuitive platform to take you from 3D ideation to AR experiences all from a single touch point.

You will learn :
Different ways to create your 3D assets on our platform.
Manage the 3D assets with our dedicated asset manager.
Customise and Integrate 3D view on your websites.
and finally , analyse the performance of 3D assets.

Anyone attending the session will be given an exclusive 3 month free trial to Imersian’s pro plan, jam-packed with premium features!

Registration Link | Discord link

Date / Time: 2nd Dec 2021 18:30 UTC

Cost: Free